VClerk Dashboard

Dashboard functionality to explore before you start! See corresponding numbers on the illustration below

Dashboard Settings:

  1. Press "Go online"  to activate the VClerk button on your e-Commerce site.
  2. Press the "silhuett" to edit your profile info, image etc. The photo you upload here will be visible on the VClerk button on your site when you are online. 
  3. Click "Home"  to go to you main dashboard view. (image below)
  4. If you are an admin and own more than one e-Commerce store, then you can add VClerk to the other stores here.
  5. Here you will find your store statistics, time spent, calls answered, conversion rates etc 
  6. In "Store Settings"  you can adjust users, messaging on your VClerk button etc. 
  7. Questions? From here you can chat directly with our team. 
  8. Expand the menu bar. 

    Dashboard Tools 1

VClerk Call Dashboard: 

  1. The Search Bar: Search your product catalogue for the products you want to present to the shopper
  2. Preview Product: See the product before you present it to the shopper 
  3. When you are in the "Search Product" tab you will see the products that best match your search term
  4. "Showroom View" display the products you and the shopper have seen together, it also indicates what products the shopper has placed in the cart.
  5. "Contact info" click here to enter the shoppers name, e-mail and other info.
  6. "Notes" click here to take notes while on the call 
  7. "Cart" here you can what the shopper has placed in the cart.
  8. "Description" the + opens the product description 
  9. Here you can see how many shoppers ar waiting to talk to you. 
  10. To end the call, click on your profile picture and choose from the dropdown menu

Call dashboad